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Sunday, August 2, 2015

How To Make Palitaw

I was in the Philippines two months ago.  Unfortunately, I did not eat the Filipino food that I've been craving for seven years.  Anyways, though I did get a chance to enjoy my favorite foods, I was lucky enough that I know how to prepare them myself.  It was fun to eat with family or friends... in the streets... chatting while eating... Oh, I always miss the simplicity of life in the Philippines.

This afternoon, I made one of my favorite merienda or snack called palitaw - Tikya Version.  It is made of glutinous rice (sweet rice).  I need to go to the Asian stores to get my powdered sweet rice.  I will add water to make my sweet rice sticky and thick.  Here is my finished product.  I partnered it with a hot cup of coffee. It is very satisfying. Burp...

It is easy to make.  I am gonna share the The-How-To-Make-Palitaw.


A bag of powdered sweet rice
3 and 1/2 cup water
 Freshly grated coconut
Sesame seeds
White sugar

Put 2 cups of water in a medium sized pan and let it boil.  While waiting for the water to boil, add the remaining cups of water to the powdered sweet rice, mix until it is thick and sticky (you can add a little more water if it is not sticky enough).  Make a ball of the sticky rice and flatten it before placing the mixture to boiling water.  You can submerge 3 pieces of sticky rice mixture at a time.  It is done once the sticky rice floats. Remove and individually place it on a plate to cool.

Put sesame seeds in a heated pan.  Keep stirring until sesame seeds are roasted. Don't burn it. Let it cool for a minute until you are ready to pound it.  I put the roasted sesame seeds in a small ziploc bag then pound it. I am a messy worker, ahaha... ziploc prevented me from making a mess.

I mixed the roasted sesame seeds with sugar and shake the ziploc bag.  Sprinkle grated coconut to each palitaw then top it with the sesame seeds mix.  You can partner it with coffee, hot coco or just plain water.

It is simple and so easy to make.  Hope this makes you smile. Enjoy! =)

Friday, February 6, 2015

A Coffee And A Cat

Good morning.  Had a good sleep last night.  I always wake up early in the morning when I have to go to work. Prepping is not easy for me. I am a turtle.  Had my breakfast and now sitting by the window finishing up my coffee while a beautiful kitty named Dusty decided to join me. How sweet was that?  Well, that is her spot...

Dusty is a long - haired domestic cat. I love her. Very vocal and affectionate.  Got her at Mason Animal Shelter when she was around 6mos. old. Since then we became inseparable. 
OK. That's it for now. Gotta get ready. Till next.

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How Much Is That Kitty In The Window?

Friday, December 5, 2014

Fifth Day of Therapy

Today was my fifth day on radiation therapy or radiotherapy.  I did not like it but I need it.  Over a month ago, I had a DCIS operation or Ductal Excersion. Before I started with the therapy, I had counseling from my doctors and oncologist.  The doctors put me on light duty at work.  I can only do some easy stuff.  I cannot lift, transfer, push.  It is hard to be on light duty.  I am a hard working CNA and sitting is not an option.  I do not stop until I am done with what has to be done.

Also,  I started to feel some side effects from the therapy, like nausea and exhaustion,  muscle soreness.  I had my down time moment.  I was crying the other night for no apparent reason, I was just crying.  One time I was driving to work, my stomach was awful.  I was nauseated and felt so light-headed.  At work, I could concentrate, yes, but I was like out of my head.  I had to ask my co-worker three times to make sure that I got what she was telling me.  I survived, though and did not make any mistakes. Hah! The perseverance of a Filipina.

This morning, I asked the oncology nurse if it is normal to feel the heaviness on my breast and that shooting pain which is too painful, she reassured me that those were all some of the side effects from the radiation.  It is not fun, AT ALL!  As writing this, I am feeling that shooting pain all over my affected side so I have to take a pain killer.  Thanks to my husband who is with me all the way.  He is present whenever I need him. 

Going back and forth to the cancer treatment center is exhausting.  It is every morning, five days a week and I only got done with five treatments.  Originally, I was supposed to get 25 treatments but my oncologist have me down to 18 treatments only.  The experience is not as scary as I had pictured it.  I am working with a great team of therapists, all females - my preference.

Before going to the treatment, I can only use unscented Dove soap.  No colognes.  No lotion.  No deodorant.  Each session, I have to apply an unscented aloe lotion around the affected area.  Personally,  it is a  hustle.  I am not a morning person.  I love my bed and I love to sleep.  Then, all of a sudden, everything had change.  Luckily, I have my weekend off from work and from therapy.  Then back again on Monday.  sigh.  I know it is for the best and for me to get better.  Actually, after my initial treatment, I wanted to not comeback on the second day.  I was on denial that I needed it.  Anyways, I continued with the therapy.  Five down, 13 more to go... wooohh...

Have another minute?  Try to read this from Susan G. Komen.  It is very informative.

On my way home from the treatment.

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