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Friday, April 6, 2012


I blogged about Lights sometime in 2009 when I first had her CD.  It was an underground music then but now Lights is touring in several locations around the world.  I really love this girl, so down-to-earth. 
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Lights is going to be having a concert here in Lansing, Michigan called ALL ABOUT: LIGHTS.  I sure will come to see her LIVE for the first time.  It is gonna be a lot of fun.

For anyone of you who are wondering how she sounds like?  Here is one youtube video of Lights that I am sure you would also like to listen to.

Also, I want to share one of her early videos.  She was singing in Tagalog here.  =)

Yeah, you can call me a fan, tee-heee... Lights is a very nice and sweet young lad.  who wouldn't like her? =)