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Saturday, October 31, 2009

This Is It

I watched Michael Jackson's "This Is It" movie this afternoon. Since the first day I have heard from HLN news that MJ's rehearsals for his concert is going to be shown in theaters, I never had a second thought to watch the movie. I have been a big MJ fan since I was in high school. I was so excited to see the movie, though I knew that it was the last of Michael. The man istruly a legend. He would always show compassion to all the people he had worked with. He used the word L-O-V-E. He said that he is doing his thing with LOVE. His dancers and back-up vocals are all new talents, these talents auditioned to be a part of MJ's This Is It concert. He mentioned that he always wanna help new talents. Such an amazing person.

While watching the movie, for a moment, I forgot that the man is no longer alive. There was a rumor before that Michael Jackson never sings live in any of his concerts. I can say that it was not true. On that rehearsal-movie, he was singing LIVE while dancing. I don't wanna say more about the movie. If you have not seen it yet, you got to go and see it. This Is It the movie will be shown for two weeks only. You will never regret it, contrary to what the other reviews have said.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Being away for so long

I have been away for quite a while, and I know that I have missed so many new things in the blogging world. Being married is not an easy task, I would say. Unlike before, I do not care anything but myself. Now, I have to think of my husband and other things around the house.

I also now have a regular job that keeps me busy everyday. So, my internet life is very limited, agh! I tried to go online once in a while, though. What I really miss in my internet world are my online friends, my blogging friends and my money making. I have so many things to share, folks.

Just right now, I have thought of going back to writing articles. I have been out for a few months and I am missing writing articles online. I submits the articles to ReviewStream and Factoidz. I also have an account to eHow but I really don't know how to start writing there, LOL. Associated Content is one good writing article site, too, but I thought of sticking with Factoidz since they have paid me several times already.

Anyways, Just want to say that I miss the world of blogging so I am going back to my life again. Miss y'all, dudes!

Happy Halloween!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Melissa Magsaysay - Proudly Pinay

Hey, pals! I have another discovery here to share with you all. We are all aware that Ramon Magsaysay was a great President of the Philippines. I don't want to mention how he passed away, I want us all to remember how great a president he was. I wasn't born yet when he was the president but I remember when my grandfather told me about his works and how he was loved by the masses.

Well, let me go back to what this post is all about. I was watching night showbiz news the other night and they had this interviews about stars, they talked about fashions. This name caught my attention, MELISSA MAGSAYSAY. So pinoy, isn't it? She was the one interviewing all this hollywood stars and so I told myself, "I am going to check on that name and google her." That's what I did. And my, oh my! I wasn't so surprised when I found out that she is related to the late great Ramon Magsaysay. Yes, Ramon Magsaysay is her great uncle.

Melissa Magsaysay is a fashion market editor and assistant-editor in Los Angeles Times. How about that? I am so happy and feeling so proud every time I learn and know something new about my fellow countrymen.

You are making your countrymen so proud of you, Melissa!