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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year - 2014

Yes!!!! We made it to 2014.  There's a lot of things happened in 2013 - good and bad - but, let us not think about that this time.  Let us just hope for a better and prosperous 2014 for everybody.  We all deserve a break and a new beginning. 

I celebrated my New Years watching Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper.  I have seen the ball dropped for five years and I can tell you, nothing has changed.  It is still a ball dropping.  I hope to see it LIVE next time.  I wanna experience what those people in Madison Square are experiencing.  You know, it is always nice to celebrate Christmas and New Year with other people around us - happy people. 

Every year, it is my husband and me and the cats.  It's not that I am not liking it.  Of course, I love spending time with my hubby and I miss my cats after a minute I turned around and go out.  However, having a new experience is always fun and exciting, right?

I thought I was going to the Philippines on December to spend post-Christmas and New Year with my family there - I am a Filipina.  Unfortunately, I did not get my PH passport in time and my company did not approve my vacation request.  It was frustrating.  I was so looking forward to see my friends and family before 2014 and it did not happen.  Very sad.

On the lighter side, I am going to take my citizenship test this year, hopefully, by March then I could go to celebrate the Holy Week.  Another Filipino tradition that I am missing a lot.

Anyways, I want to greet you all a VERY HAPPY AND A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Margarita Or Daiquiri

Once in a while,  I want to get drunk., especially when it's my day off. Don't mistook my drinking to being alcoholic.  I only drink if I want to and one glass is my limit.  Beer is not the kind I would want to unwind. Margarita or Brandy were my girls until I met Daiquiri. Nonetheless,  I love them all. When drunk, I'm the goofiest.

Doctor, doctor...

Been busy lately, work and school. I work fulltime and taking classes at the same time.  Not fun at all but I gotta do what I gotta do.

This morning,  my husband dragged me to see a doctor - that's how I say it - and I was not pleased.

Had pap smear and breast exams. Fun? Noooo!!!! Now I have to get my ultrasound and MRI.

I am having some nipple discharge in about 2 years now but I am not feeling any pain at all. I am praying that it's clear.

I will give more updates on my next posts. Hope everyone is doing great.