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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Quit Trying To Have Sex With Me And Watch The Movie, Dammit!

I saw this cartoon on facebook and found it very funny and interesting. But I think it is the other way around, bahahaha...  And it is also eefing annoying that the guy don't pay attention to the girl initiating what she wants, bahahaha again. =)

You can see more funny cartoons like this one at

Have a great morning everyone! =)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

CNA - A Rewarding Job

You might be wondering what is the kind of job that you want to do?  What are you going to take up after you finish high school?  What is the most in-demand job nowadays?  Of course, we always want to earn and if we could earn while studying, that would be great, right? 

When I graduated from high school I didn’t know what I want to take up in college.  My folks persuaded me, if that is the right term, to take Office Administration course so I could get a job in the office.  But I was very unhappy.   I knew there is something else that I would be good at. 
If you are still in limbo and cannot decide or do not know where you are going to start, and you know you are good, if not great with people, why not try taking a CENA program?  It is not going to take all of  your time.  You are still going to have time for yourself, family, and friends.  CENA only takes four months or less.  In some states, they have a 72-hours training and you can get a certificate that you finished the program.  You can also inquire at your nearest Community College if they have a special CENA program.  You have to also take the certification exam which is not very hard if you know your stuff. 

You may not believe it but I failed my two state exams.  It was so frustrating because we can only take up to three times and if I failed the third and last chance I got?  I am dead meat.  I was so scared and nervous at the same time because if unsuccessful with the state test, a Nurse Aide candidate must take the program again, but I am not sure if it is the same with other states, still scary though.  Imagine taking the same program over again?  Fortunately, I passed my last chance, hoorah!!! I was in cloud nine for a week, haha…

The day after I passed my certification, I submitted and filled up an application to where I had my clinicals and it is a hiring facility.  I am sure you are wondering why there?  Even before I took my certification, I was already browsing for facilities because I want to know where I want to work and where is a good place to work at.  Most of them are looking for someone with experience, at least a year.  Another frustration struck me.  How I would be able to get a job if I do not have any experience but the clinicals? 

Well, the facility that I have been dreaming for to work at hired me.  My no-experience was not a hindrance to get the job I was dying to have.  I am a full-time employee and I will get my complete benefits after my 90 day probation.  I am so grateful that the facility have put their trust in me. 
You always have to have confidence in yourself that you can do it! No-experience is never a hindrance to attain our goals in life.