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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3 Photo Editor

I am a fan of Samsung products, I think it's a good choice.  Samsung Galaxy S3 is my third phone,  my first was a Tracfone which was good.  I had that during my first and second semester. By that time, I wasn't driving yet, so I had to call my husband to pick me up.  Then, I started taking the bus which I enjoyed.  Hearing different stories from other people even if I don't know them was like learning to me.

Back to phone, my second Samsung phone was Galaxy Exhibit.  There! I started working and I said to myself, "it's time for this girl to have a nice phone." It was nice and got me so excited since it was my first android phone. To be honest,  it really was my first android.  Back in the Philippines,  I only had a Nokia, and it was an old model.  Just to have a phone and be able to reach at any possible time.  I loved my old phones.

Now,  after having the Exhibit for a couple of months,  I started not to enjoy it anymore. First, it was very slow.  It hangs. Browsing the net takes forever.  It's so annoying when I am in the middle of playing my favorite game then it would reboot.  Second, I cannot call or text a friend due to coverage issues. If there's no Wi-Fi, my phone is useless, a piece of junk.

Then,  I decided to get a new one.  Galaxy S3 is the phone for me. I love the applications, the performance, the camera is perfect. I can watch a video while browsing. I can take pictures with nonstop clicks.  I can connect to my friends at anytime.  Gaming is more fun this time.  I love social networking so it is very important for me to get to my phone and stay connected as possible.  Blogging is one thing that keeps me occupied.  With S3, ican blog anytime there is something to blog about.

There's a new S4 but I don't think I'm going to upgrade. Though the S4 looks awesome plus the app, you can only use those applications with another S4 user, like with S3, just by touching another S3 I can share a video or files, which I rarely used.  The picture I attached was from one of Samsung 3 photo editors.

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