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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Bright Future Ahead

This morning, while I was having my brunch.  I was told by my husband that my radiologist is expecting me tomorrow for my first radiation therapy.  I was like "WHAT?!"  I don't remember me or him calling the radiologist's office for an appointment.  I know that I got a packet in the mail a couple days ago.  It was from one of my doctors but having scheduled for a therapy?  Oh, please! Does these doctors think it is easy for us, women, to accept what is going on to our bodies?  I am still feeling pain from my previous breast surgery.  Can I have a break from that tension, please?

I am not ready to see my skin being burned.  I love grilled food but me being grilled, it never came to my senses.  Though, I was not so happy about the news, I know I really have to undergo a radiation therapy. I remember talking to one of my co-workers and mentioned to her about the plan and how I said it "I do not want that radiation therapy!  they just opened a part of my body and now they want to burn it this time?"  She candidly answered, "Well, it is better to have a burnt skin than losing one the twins."  She was right, I know.  But, it is the stubborn side of me that was declining the process.

November 20, 2014 is my first radiation therapy appointment.  Yes, I am getting it, unwillingly.  It is a 5-weeks session.  Everyday except Saturday and Sunday.  Not fun at all.  On the brighter side, I will be cancer free.  Hence, I have to take a pill for five long years.  I still don't know if I will start taking the pill after the therapy or on the day of my first therapy. Phew! Why does it have to happen?  I don't smoke. I drink occasionally.  Say, one glass a week and I only had it since I came here in the United States, prior to that, NEVER!  But, I stopped taking alcoholic beverage a month before I had my surgery. 

Anyhow, I am blogging about my surgery and the therapy and all, so that anyone who can read this can get an idea.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.  I started supporting the campaign even before I found out that I am having a nipple discharge and up to this day.  After I had my breast surgery, I really feel that I have to continue supporting the campaign.  I will help spreading the good news that we, women, are special human beings and there are people and organizations out there that are willing to support and help us.

Thank you for dropping by and hope to see you again! =)

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