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Sunday, October 26, 2014

What Is Duct Excision

September 10, 2014, I had a major duct excision surgery.  I was having a discharge on my right breast so I needed an operation.  After the surgery, the surgeon sent the specimen to the lab for pathological study.  When the results came out, my doctor called us home to let me know that there was a spec of cancer found in one of the milk ducts that was removed.  He said there is nothing to worry about because he did a total duct excision on me.  Though there was a spec of cancer, it was zero stage.  Below is the procedure of a duct excision.

I searched for this YouTube video and to tell you the truth, I cannot watch it.

I had a post-surgery interdisciplanary meeting with the surgeons, pathologists and radiologists.  They discussed about the recommended treatment.  I learned that there are two types of breast cancer  surgery.  The lumpectomy and total mastectomy.

LUMPECTOMY -  The removal of breast tumor,some normal tissues around the it and some lymph nodes in the underarm.

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MASTECTOMY The removal of the entire breast but no other tissues or nodes

MODIFIED RADICAL MASTECTOMY -  Removal of the breast, the line of the chest muscles and some of the lymph nodes in the underarm.

Mine was duct excision and has to have a radiation therapy similar to lumpectomy. When you think about the word "Radiation Therapy".  You might think it is scary.  I feel the same way.  I do not want to get that radiation therapy.  Imagine, I am laying down on that gurney like a pig, I will be aware of what is going on with me and what these nurses and doctors are doing to my booby.  I cannot bear the thought of it.  Although the surgeon told me that it is recommended to have a radiation therapy as I retain my breast, I am still not decided.  According to the doctors, the percentage of the cancer coming back is high to those who did not have a therapy than those who had it.  Along with the radiation therapy which takes 25 days everyday I will also have to take a pill for five years.  Yes! Five years. 

Radiation Therapy graphic
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