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Friday, October 24, 2014

Unchained Melody

I work for people with dementia.  It is an honor that I get a chance to know these special and wonderful elders.  Sometimes, I will find myself sobbing or teary eyed if I see one of them acting so differently from the previous days.  I have witnessed how one's mood can change in a matter of seconds.  Imagine how independent and proud they were in their younger years? Now they need someone to help them do the things they used to do by themselves.  It is not easy for these elders.  Though, most of the time they were out of it, there are also times where they can still remember.  The best part of my job as a CNA is I hear a lot of different stories, a real life fairy tales and adventures.  I have taken care of people from different walks of life.  Whether you were a prosecutor or  WWII veteran, there is no assurance that dementia will spare us. 

I have a resident who was known for being combative.  I will name my resident "Hope".  Hope will hit you unexpectedly.  I was almost got a kick on the face.  Fortunately, my reflex was good and I saw the flying kick coming.  I cannot get mad at Hope because it was a "different" person now.  Until I figured out one thing.  Every time I hum a song, Hope would swing head left and right.  My humming calms Hope down.  If I sing, Hope will look at me with adoration and say "Oh my God! You have a beautiful voice. Oh my God!"  Of course, yours truly is always flattered and happy that Hope appreciates my singing.  Hope told me last night, "I love Elvis Presley.  That song is my favorite." 

This is the song I was singing for Hope last night and every night at bed time.  Hope is a sweet and loving person.  Anyone can say that about Hope and I will keep singing for you, Hope.

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