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Thursday, November 20, 2014


 An update on my breast surgery :

November 20, 2014.  9:30 AM.  I had a schedule to the Oncologist.  I thought I was going to have my first radiotherapy.  Thank God because I am not ready for that.  It was my second meeting with Dr. Herman – the Oncologist.  The visit was for simulation or preparation for the said therapy.  I had to meet with two different nurses and practitioners. After a quick briefing from the first nurse, we went to the radiation therapy room.  I read and signed a paper stating that I understand what the procedure is going to be.  

Waiting for the nurse to torture me.
I had to lie down in a hard surfaced bed with my right arm above my head. I had a surgery on my right breast in September of this year.  It was not easy lying down while you are in an awkward position.  The oncology nurse put tattoos on different areas of my torso.  It will be permanent but not visible to human eyes.  It is necessary for the procedure so the oncologists would know where to aim the radiation. 

It was unpleasant for me.  I don’t have tattoos.  I do not have anything against the ink.  It is me who do not want to have ink because I am scared.  One of my biggest fears is the needle.  That’s why when I was being poked multiple times, I was screaming.  I jokingly told the oncology nurse that I hate her that very moment. I had to call in from work due to soreness of the breast and the markings.  You can laugh now.Ahaha... 

To be honest, after the surgery, I was already thinking what tattoo design I would be getting.  I want it to be relevant to what I am going through and as a support to the breast cancer survivors, as well. 

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