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Friday, January 9, 2009

Flat, Black And Circular

Flat,Black and Circular is in E. Grand River in Lansing, Michigan. It is run by two best friends Dick and Dave. My fiance was the one that introduced me to FBC. He also introduced me to this two gentleman. They have been in the business for more that 25 years and going stronger. You will see either Dave or Dick in FBC, alternately. These two guys are very friendly and you can ask them anything about music. Whatever kind of music you have in mind, they will attend to you with a smile. Dave and Dick are friends to all the customers. Well, they never treats anyone who would come to their store as customers but as their long lost close friends. when I see them in youTube, I was not surprised because FBC is very popular here in Lansing. They have all kinds of music that you would have in mind.

You would know more about them. Read more....

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