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Monday, January 12, 2009

My Pets Makes Music To My Ears

Ohhh... what a lovely pictures. My cute little puppies.

I saw this pictures while cleaning my photo storage this morning. It made me smile and it made me sad. Gosh! I am missing my pets so much. I am wondering how big are these pups now?

Chito, my cat. Such an adorable fellow. I remember, he knows when I am feeling sad and low. He would come to me and sniff-sniff. Then, he would stay beside me until I gets better. How I missed my Chito. He is such a loud cat. If you have seen Tiggy in youTube and heard saying "Hello"? Chito can do more than that. Unfortunately, I didn't have videocam before.

It may take a while before I can get to see them. It's sad yet so much of a good memories together though.

Pepper is my dog. I was surprised when my brother told me that Pepper was pregnant. After 5 years?! But, look what she just brought us? There were 10 puppies, actually. I just caught this picture when these 4 pups were trying to satisfy their hunger. Such a lovely little fellows.

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