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Monday, January 26, 2009

Music Magazines

Trouser Press and Rock Magazines are amongst the collections of music magazines here in our house. My husband is the one who loves to read these magazines. It so happened that I love music and I love reading music trivia, too.

Music is a part of our relationship. When we were just starting to date online, we were always talking about music and trivia. Fortunately, I am a music geek since I was in elementary.

These music magazines are only some of his collections. We have a library here that are all about music. Rock bands and rock history, it's rise and fall. Name the magazine, and you can find it. Those are my husband's precious.

Goldmine music magazine is free-delivered here at home and so as Rolling Stone, because my husband is a member of Records Collector Show. So, we really need not to buy these things in stores or online. That is the advantage of being a member of any Records Collector Show Program.

From 1950's to present, you can learn something new if you are a one music magazine enthusiast. You can feel the spirit of the music during those era. I am glad that I am a music and trivia lover, being knowledgeable to music was the one that binds between my husband and me.

Update: All the magazines that I have featured here are not free delivered, but are subscribed by my husband. He subscribed membership and so it is delivered at home once there is a new magazine out.

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